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I’m always a fan of using current technology in unique ways to the benefit of worship. Here is a report on someone using their Kindle to lead a funeral

If you aren’t familiar with it, the Kindle’s screen uses e-ink. It is a technology that is reflective, meaning that unlike most screens which shine a light in your face, e-ink looks just like a piece of paper. Of course it also brings the usual digital advantages, like enlarging the text at the push of a button.

My usual process is to customize the service on the computer then print it out. In this case all I had to do was prep the service in Google Docs then hit the “Share” button to email everything wirelessly to my Kindle. At first there were some formatting problems, but a few easy tweaks and it worked like a charm. The liturgy was beautiful and easy to read.


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This little thing has quickly improved the way I work and become organized. Instead of emailing myself documents to work on from home or print somewhere else, I drop them in my box, and have them everywhere. Laptop, desktop, iPhone, internet.

It can be helpful in ministry too. It is really easy to share recordings, song charts, and rotation schedules with your band/team.

Get a couple GB free, on me: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTI3NjkwNTI5

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  • Does your church take design seriously (architecture, worship, long range planning, etc.)?
  • Does your church offer guest-friendly “try before you buy” environments?
  • Is your church’s view of the world present in how you design worship?
  • Does your church welcome the question “Why is it like that?” around the subject of worship?
  • How much attention is paid to how people physically connect to your church?
  • Can your church fulfill it’s mission in 1 step instead of 6?
  • How much does your church talk about process (instead of product)?
  • Is the hierarchy of importance easily discernable in your church?

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JD Walt writes a blog that I’ve just subscribed to. He says twittering in worship services may help draw attention where it needs to be…

We have become so accustomed to worship being a “one or few to many” kind of event. We pay attention to and follow a person who is leading music or to a person who is preaching a sermon. Note how the seating is most often arranged (i.e. classroom style).
Social networking introduces us to a range of tools that enable a “many to many” kind of relational and communication dynamic. It seems that this would be good for worship– wouldn’t it?

I guess it depends on what people are tweeting about. Are they tweeting about where to eat lunch after. . . . . . or are they tweeting about flashes of insight occurring to them as a result of being together in worship. I would say the former example cultivates distraction while the latter cultivates attention. A more difficult distinction– are we using twitter to capture insights for later reflection or for present conversation? Latter seems better to me– but former may be ok too.

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From Tony Morgan

Feel free to keep investing in print communications if your highest priority is keeping your “internal customers” happy. Just thought you should know that other organizations are using the web to reach the same people you’re probably trying to reach in your community.

So what else does your church do to keep “internal customers” happy, but misses reaching out to new people?

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From Tony Morgan

Rather than looking at the Web through the eyes of a Facebook and YouTube and Twitter user, though, we’re still looking at the Web through the eyes of a Sunday bulletin reader. That approach works for the people who are already attending our churches. It completely ignores the people who we are trying to reach.

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Worship musicians need to buy a lot of gear. Northern Sound & Light is the latest place I’ve used for cheap prices.

Sennheiser e835 mic:

  • @Musiciansfriend.com = $99.99
  • @Sweetwater.com = $99.97
  • @NorthernSound.net = $80.70

Aviom A-16II Personal 16 channel mixer:

  • @Musiciansfriend.com = $620.00
  • @Sweetwater.com = $620.00
  • @NorthernSound.net = $430.56

Tell ’em Clayton sent ya.

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