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I’m always a fan of using current technology in unique ways to the benefit of worship. Here is a report on someone using their Kindle to lead a funeral

If you aren’t familiar with it, the Kindle’s screen uses e-ink. It is a technology that is reflective, meaning that unlike most screens which shine a light in your face, e-ink looks just like a piece of paper. Of course it also brings the usual digital advantages, like enlarging the text at the push of a button.

My usual process is to customize the service on the computer then print it out. In this case all I had to do was prep the service in Google Docs then hit the “Share” button to email everything wirelessly to my Kindle. At first there were some formatting problems, but a few easy tweaks and it worked like a charm. The liturgy was beautiful and easy to read.


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Which is also the same reason I stopped buying songs via iTunes.

Which is also the same reason I’m going to start collecting vinyl one of these days.

Tony Morgan gives his review of the newest Kindle, and I’m sure it’s a handy dandy little deal. And I’m not being anti-tech gadget here. I’ve got the iPhone, early adopter of the iPod, etc.

I just like books. I like the way they look and feel. I like having a bookshelf full of them (it makes me *look* smart). I like sharing relevant books with friends that have questions/issues. Every time I go into Half Price Books, I leave with some. I just like books.

Now I also like the convenience of having the favorite portions of my music library on my iPhone for listening at anytime. But I like even more the feeling of buying music and having something to show for it. I like showing off my CD collection. I like having the artwork in my hands. Ripping the music to my iTunes is a minor inconvenience. That’s why I went back to buying CDs.

I’ve played around with a Kindle before. I see the benefit in having one. I think they’re nifty. In my world, I’ll stick with books.

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