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We used this video in worship today. It’s a great story of servanthood. And how servanthood can change into leadership. There is actually a lot of symbolism in this story. The least shall be greatest. The last shall be first. The kingdom of God is all about opposites. The least likely candidates become the heroes. The meek inherit the earth.


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Worship Leader magazine took a poll.

It looks like most worship leaders make between 40-50K/year.

They also looked at things like gender, church size, and years of experience. Read the rest of the results here.

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You’re welcome!

Communication is everything. And this is a valuable little tool that I use to communicate to our technical voluteers (audio, video, lighting operators) the flow of a service. This group of volunteers needs to be aware of every aspect of the service. They need as much information as possible in order to do their job the best they can.

Feel free to morph this document to your own needs. The first column allows you to list the elements of the worship order, including song titles, speakers, etc. The second column allows you to list directions specific to the video operator (Easy Worship, PowerPoint, MediaShout, etc.). You can put the order of song lyrics (vs1 ch vs2 ch br ch ch) as well as the title of videos to be played here. The third column is to give the audio person a heads up for each service element. You can list which channels on the mixer should be up, or even which vocalist or instrument should be mixed differently for each element. The fourth column is for lighting notes. The final column if for general comments and reminders.

I’ve been using this format for Sunday worship for several years now, and all the techs that have used it find it informative and easy to follow.

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OK, if you haven’t figured it out, I heart Twitturgies. If you’re a worship musician and you tweet, you need to follow this. Last week one came through that really got me thinking:

in worship a servant, in service a worshipper.

Those are pretty good lyrics right there, with enough content to fill a book. I think it’s a great summary of what it means to be a worship musician. Through our own acts of worship and devotion, we are able to serve others by leading the way into God’s presence. And as we serve others by way of musical leadership, we transform the musical offering into the spiritual offering of worship. This is moving beyond being a worship leader, or a lead worshipper, to being a worship servant.

I often tell the teams I work with that the worship musician’s role is to be a servant leader. The service we provide should go beyond just the musical offering. The worship musician should be ready and willing to mop the floor, break down the tables, change the diapers, and take out the garbage. It is easy to believe that as worship leaders, we do most of our worship leadership from the stage. But our best times of worship leadership come from serving, and worshiping through service.

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Leadership involves conflict. At some point, you will say/do something that another will think is completely wrong. Or you will think someone else has done something that is completely wrong. It goes both ways.

WorshipTrench shares some advice on dealing with conflict resolution.

S = Situation – Describe the situation to the individual to set context.

B = Behavior – Describe the behavior in question.

I = Impact – Describe the impact it had on you emotionally or otherwise.

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the power of ONE

One day. One word. One prayer. One open door. One chance. One dance. One cup of water given to the poor. Teach me, God the power of one.

from Twitturgies

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Many times, being a Worship Leader goes way beyond just picking out songs and playing a guitar.

You get to do things like graphic design, with or without any previous experience.

Graphic Converter is a free application for Apple that will get you started and lets you do basic photo editing on the cheap.

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